The Stand is an ephemeral showcase for a long-term development, create an atmosphere around a product or a service, communicate on a new brand, a slogan, a custom stand is a response to strong potential to stand out . Our teams by building you the finest communication tool that aims to meet as many people with a clear and precise window.

LOKYCOM takes in consideration and aims to enhance your brand image during your participation in the various events and professional meetings through your booth. Our offer includes:

  • 2D/3D study design
  • Creation and development of booths
Des structures adaptables pour vos événements
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With its expertise and logistic Lokycom supports you in achieving your show or booth and successfully achieve your goals by giving you a demonstration which will be a meeting place and exchange for both exhibitors and visitors.

This is done by:

Conceptualization & Marketing

  • Managing customer files
  • Field marketing
  • Exhibitors management
  • Arrangements
  • Structure aluminum-marquees
  • Coating soldecoration
  • VIP exhibition-furniture
  • Electrical systems and lighting – generator set
  • Signage
  • Heating – Air Conditioning
  • Light and sound
  • Entertainment
  • VIP reception – Hostesses
  • Security – Guarding crowd-control barriers
  • WC – Toilet – Cleaning

Media management

  • Purchase of fields
  • Press relation
  • Negotiating and monitoring Press Partnership
  • Relations management with the media and their players
sublimer votre événement

A successful event depends above all on the understanding and the satisfaction of our customers. Our teams assist you from defining your project to its operational implementation, whatever your needs, in collaboration with your teams, we offer a unique dimension to your event while respecting your company’s vision and the values of your brand.

Professional event:

Organizer and logistics provider, we offer all services associated with the design, management and promotion of your internal or external communication events.

We support you in:

  • Design and scenography
  • Organization and logistics
  • Content development and speaking accompaniment
  • Managing invitations, cocktails, meals, accommodation and room reservation
  • Animation and visual lining
  • Upstream communication devices and post-event
  • Managing registrations and confirmations

Private event:

Whatever your event is a theme party, wedding, engagement, baptizing, or a simple anniversary, we will imagine a customized service, with extreme attention to details.

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We manage the development and implementation of various communication media as a commercial project that deserves reflection, quality and timeliness.

Our mission is to advise you on choosing the type of communication, we will follow a purpose to develop and publicize your products, services or events.

Operational Marketing

LOKYCOM helps you determine an appropriate mode of expression and the development of content and arguments adapted to each of your targets to position the company on the market, all that with:

  • Better visibility at the end of optimized performance
  • Stimulation of all of your customers
  • Fidélisation et de conquête de nouveaux clients
  • Boosting your internal network and sales force motivation

PLV Support

  • Display, brochure holder
  • lighted signs
  • Safety (file guide, flag, outside)
  • inflatables (balloons, totem, arch, flames )
  • Covers, banners


  • Magazine, catalogs
  • Brochure, flayers, Poster
  • Packagings
  • Corporate Gifts


We perform on your behalf all actions to the press and journalists in order to obtain a favorable press coverage for your business and your event.

  • TV: commercials (movies – Television Advertising)
  • Radio: commercials (sound, noise)
  • Press: press ads (text and image)
  • Display: street furniture, 4×3, bus shelters, etc.
  • Internet: banners, e-mailing, video display, etc.
  • Mobile Phone: commercials (SMS, MMS) phone marketing